In the event of any loss that may give rise to a claim please contact us as soon as possible.

1) Once notified of the claim, we will provide a claim form. Please complete and return the form to our office. Attach all relevant original quotations, invoices, valuations and receipt of purchases (obtained for the repair/replacement of damaged property). Please also attach any letters of demand or other correspondence that you may receive/have received from a Third Party. Do not attach photocopies.

2) For claims involving loss/damage to your own property the appropriate authorities, i.e. Fire Brigade/Police, should be notified and every reasonable effort made to prevent further loss/damage. Damaged property, if any, should not be disposed of without permission of the Insurer or Assessor.

3) An assessor could be appointed and you will be advised if this action is taken.

  • Keep in contact with the assessor so the report can be provided to Insurers on time.
  • If there is any matter not receiving prompt attention you should call us immediately.

4) Please keep all supporting documentation for your claim for presentation to the Insurer or Assessor, such as original invoices, receipts, owners manual, photos, etc. Quotes from retailers or trade suppliers to replace/repair, itemising the precise nature of their quotation, eg size, type, model, age, hours and cost of labour, cost of parts.

5) Where personal injury/property damage to third parties is involved, offer assistance but DO NOT ADMIT liability. Advise the party involved to give written details of their claim against you for passing on to your Insurer.

6) Please refer to the claim form for more instructions for the management of your claim. Should you require any further assistance, please contact us.